This is who I am and who I will be!

I’ve already introduced myself in my other Blog –

Feel free to check it out. The purpose of this Blog is to show my amateur photography and my amateur editing skills. I want to showcase my talents and receive feedback, all the while having fun in doing so.

I got interested in photography very recently. In fact, only 4 months ago. That’s when I picked up my camera, Olympus FE-210, alongside with my water bottle and tripod and set off to explore the wor… sorry, Oman. Just Oman. I’m still not allowed to explore the other slices of the earth yet. But that’s OK because Oman is a very photo-friendly place. The historic places, – I’m talking forts here – the mosques, the landscapes, the mountains, the beaches – everything has a distinct charm to it that can only be expressed via photography and/or poetry. You may notice I haven’t mentioned people, believe me I want to, but you see, they give you this evil glare that weakens you from the inside and/or this weird look as if you just landed from outer space. And those are just the next door neighbours! I’m more of a nature photographer, you know, with sea-waves and mountains being my favourite subjects and with people posing and trash cans being my least favourites. I mostly do it for pleasure but some part of me wants to do it because I want to bring the glory and beauty of Oman to a wider world, if I can manage it, and in my own style.

The camera I use is Olympus FE-210 and the editing software I use is Picasa 3. Granted, the former is the least likely object you want in your hand when facing a Zombie Apocalypse but I can assure you, for full-cut beginners like me, it’s the ideal weapon of choice. Like they say, “If you can’t shoot ’em with a gun, shoot ’em with a camera”,
or something like that. Even though I’d bought the camera 5 years ago, I started using it only 4 months ago. You may find it hard to believe but the very first time I took the camera out of my shelf, it fell in a pond. Of all the places, the pond. Ever since that, er, accident, my camera has been acting up and because of certain set-backs, I’m now reduced to shooting it only in the day-time. Come evening and my camera refuses to take one picture. Come night and it doesn’t even switch ON. Speaking of which, I must use the camera within one hour of switching ON or listen to the most painful message of all: Battery Low. That’s right, I have the most unfortunate camera in the world. And this is why I’m an amateur photographer with an amateur editing program but I’m not complaining. Not one bit. Hey, at least something is better than nothing, eh?

Take a look at my sisters’ for example: Started out with nothing and now they all have Canon’s and Sony’s. Not 5 year old messed-up ones, the latest-released-only-months-ago ones. And do they give it to me? Let’s just say that you need permission just to even talk about it.

But someone once said, “It’s not the camera that takes the pictures, it’s the photographer”… and ironically, that was said by my Canon-wielding elder sister.

Anyway, I hope you will enjoy my photography and remember to send feedback!