Sea Waves

Beaches in Oman are as copious as punk rockers in New York. Or bicycles in China.

The thing about beaches here are that they are a great place for family picnics or photography or for long walks / jogs. On an average day, you will find many middle-aged white eyed devils in shorts and loose shirts stretching or taking their daily jogs. The young ones sit in shallow water and just laze in the sun or sit on the benches and char with their friends. The young Omani’s are separated in 3 categories: The sportsmen, who play football, quite dangerous for families, or do a lot of air-somersaults and other gymnastic movements. The second, the boring ones, just sit there with a frown on their faces, as happy as Ian Curtis. The third, the modern ones, are the ones who come in large groups, have a lot of gear with them but somehow always bury their noses in their phones, completely oblivious to the world around them. It is only after when their batteries start running low that they pick up their belongings and head for home… or a pizza place. And then home!

But enough of that, let’s talk about the sea waves. I love taking pictures at the beach and sea waves are my favourite subject. There is a lot of beauty, grace and power in the tides and a soothing, calming effect in the sounds they make. Something that nothing else can quite duplicate. I love standing there, knee-deep, with not a single care in the world.

I’m now gonna show you the pictures but before I do, let me tell you one more thing: I was inspired by the amazing photography of Stuart Gibson. They are mesmerizing and magnificent. One of my favourite photographers.

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