Wadi Al-Khoud

Two of Oman’s major strengths are its Wadi’s and the spectacular mountains which seem to have no end to it. Similar they may seem to many but only when one takes a closer inspection does he realize that each & every one of them has a unique story etched in them. Oman just won’t seem Oman without them. Just like a Jim Carrey sequel without Jim Carrey. Or Britain’s Got Talent without Simon Cowell.

Anyway, on to Wadi Al-Khoud, one of the most beautiful Wadi’s in Oman, and one of the beautiful places in general. When you reach there, all you will see are fast flowing lakes and layers of pebbles and mighty mountains and 10 foot high leaves. Not much, eh? The main beauty, however, is hidden deep. It is reserved only for certain eyes and not for everyone else.

The scenery there is just something else. The cuts in the mountains are so beautiful, so artistically done that they very well could’ve been done by Pablo Picasso. Once you get to the lakes, it will be like as if you landed in an alternate universe; they’re of different colours, green, yellow, violent, blue and the like. I know, I know, not ideal for swimming but the effect it gives is mesmerizing. Top that off with 4-to-5 foot high marshes and you’ve got yourself a quite-perfect location just to relax or find yourself. Did I mention about the silence? It is absolute. The silence is so loud it is deafening. That’s the main reason why I fell in love with that place, you could just stand there in the silence and just keep staring at the majestic vision all around you.

I suggest you go there somewhere in the morning, you know, 8-9 o’clock, because that’s the perfect time and everything is greatly detailed. But if you want a moment of silence or peace, then go there between 3-5 o’clock in the evening.

All right, when we reached there, the colourful, fresh pebbles and the fresh water greeted us enthusiastically. Since most of us were not feeling well due to headaches and/or slight fever, we couldn’t return the favour. Instead, my parents just sat down and told us, (me and my younger two sisters), to take your cameras and go and explore. Well, my sisters got tired just after a few minutes, they were suffering from mild cold, so they retreated while I, not suffering from anything, went forward. I must’ve walked for 30 minutes when I found the above-mentioned paradise. I stood there and took pictures for nearly an hour. But since my sisters were complaining about the cold, we had to go back which was a shame because I wanted to stay a bit longer.

So, if you’re living in Oman, I suggest that you visit this place at-least once. You won’t be disappointed I can assure you that. Now for the pictures!

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